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Issei Suda: 78 unseen photographs

In January 2019, Suda agreed to work on a new photobook, but his death two months later halted plans. Still, the publisher kept its promise, and now, a selection of unseen images are presented in his first posthumous publication

The Moon Belongs to Everyone

Stacy Mehrfar’s new photobook captures the emotional effects of migration and the loss of stability, self, and belonging that can be felt during this transitory experience

Breakfasts with —

At breakfast, Anastasia Samoylova often eats in the company of photo books — engaging with familiar works anew, and paying homage to their makers

April: Virtual Highlights

This month’s highlights are all virtual: events, exhibitions, and talks that have migrated online since the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as those that were ahead of the curve in inhabiting the digital realm before the pandemic