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Karen Knorr: Gentlemen

This article was originally published in issue #7892 of British Journal of Photography. Visit the BJP Shop to purchase the magazine here. Male privilege permeates the private clubs depicted in Karen Knorr’s series, Gentlemen – hidden spaces where the act of exclusion protects the power of those invited in. Spread throughout St James’s, a historically wealthy area in central London, grand Georgian buildings housed, and continue to house, the playgrounds of the rich: extended living rooms for royalty, politicians, new and old money. In perpetuating racial, class and gender divisions, the clubs, which Knorr photographed from 1981 to 1983, safeguarded the ascendency of a privileged few. Now, Knorr’s series will be shown as part of the Barbican’s latest blockbuster show, Masculinities: Liberation through Photography. Knorr was born in Germany to American parents, grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, studied in Paris, and moved to London in the summer of 1976. She wanted to understand the country she had chosen to live in and reflect on her position as a white upper-middle- class woman in it. “I was …

Paper Geographies

A new exhibition considers the materiality of the photographic image and how it affects our understanding of the world

A photographic exploration of Generation Y

Featuring work by 10 millennial photographers, Museum für Photographie’s latest exhibition investigates the identity of a generation raised during the rise of the internet